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FOLLOW THE STAR is a Contemporary Musical Presentation of the Concept of Christmas. Employing the talents of some of the planet’s most thoughtful musicians, it is a journey from Creation’s Call In Travail for the coming of the Savior, through the mystic majesty of that Silent Night of his birth, through the Celebration of who He was as He entered the world, through the emotion of Rejoicing that His presence brings – all the way to our Call to worship and adore Him as the Savior who brings Healing, Love, Peace and Deliverance.

Warren Cooper is the Arranger and Featured Vocalist on this CD. “P.O.P.” is Phases of Praises featuring Leon Alexander on Drums, Percussion and Steel Pan, Gerald Veasley on Bass Guitar with Ron Kerber on Alto Saxophone, Clinton Washington on Soprano Saxophone, Thomas Barth appears on Piano, with Warren Cooper on Keyboards, Sequence Programming by Kirk Boyer, and a special debut appearance of The Critical Mass Choir.

Christmas comes to life in a brand new way; and as you celebrate the season of that very special day, may you be reminded that Wise Men still Follow The Star – Wise Women too – May the Blessing of Wisdom Find Its Way To You – as you FOLLOW THE STAR.

CDs Three (3) for $ 25.00 U.S.D.



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