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 A Dedicated Voice for Justice & Peace

Warren Cooper is a seasoned performance artist from Philadelphia, PA who is a Dedicated Voice for Justice & Peace.  He is a Musician and Composer, who is a Producer and Broadcaster, who runs a Production Company that Nurtures The Movement For Non-Violent Justice Peace.

Warren has been a professional musician since the age of 9.  As a vocal specialist, writer and composer, Warren seeks to give voice to the matters Human Rights and the Sanctity of our Planet.  As the oldest son of a Presbyterian Minister Warren’s roots are in Hymns and Gospel and Jazz, even as he expresses in all genres.  As a performance artist and musician Warren pursues virtuosity as an ultimate vehicle of expression.  His passion for Environmental Justice and Spiritual Health yields a uniquely flavored approach to putting a Message In The Music.

Warren’s most recent release is with THE LITURGICAL WORSHIP & SONGBOOK – Volume 1, which features Warren’s work with The Critical Mass Choir.  It is designed to resource Worship Communities – inspiring them into new ways of visualizing and approaching the Act and Process of Our Worship Experience.  The Critical Mass Choir spans the full spectrum of Gospel Worship Music…from the Classic(al) and Contemporary framing of the Negro Spiritual to the international flavoring of Praise and Worship…from the triplet back beat Bapti-costal offering march groove, to the Corner Quartet and a Calypso’ed Gospel Hymn. The point of all this diversity is to demonstrate the variety of options that are available when we are creatively focused on innovating our approach to Worship.

CHRISTMASTIME 2 CREATION was released on the RAD.REV.RECORDS / Orchard / Sony Label in November 2019.  It an invitation to focus the gregarious spirit of the Christmastime Holiday Season into our care for the Planet Earth.  It Subtitles as The Controversially Christmas Compilation because the selections both Celebrate The Season, AND Challenge Our Reason for Celebration.  The Collection is from various projects, and features the Praise Dance Club Exercise Song IT’S ME! (Standing In The Need of Prayer).

Warren is the featured vocalist and/or music director for a number of ensembles (including The Warren Cooper Sacred Jazz Ensemble, The Faith Fusion Contusion, and Anointed Praise) and has been a featured performer at the Philadelphia Kimmel Center, the Washington National Cathedral and the Chautauqua Institution as well as Jazz Festivals, Churches and Arenas around the world. As a Worship Specialist and Vocal Clinician, Warren also conducts Choral Workshops and Worship Development Seminars that explore techniques and strategies for the practical integration of Jazz, Contemporary and Transformational Forms of Worship into traditional and multicultural frames.

As a composer and arranger, Warren has debuted works internationally in the sacred, secular, choral and popular music genres as well as Themed Oratorios focused on Spiritual Transformation and Peacemaking.  He also serves as a Teaching Artist and Jazz Vocal Instructor for the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts Education Program  in Philadelphia, PA.

Warren currently serves as Curator of Jazz Worship Ministry for Old Pine Presbyterian Church, and is the founder of the Interfaith Jazz Vesper of Thanksgiving, and The Balm In Gilead Jazz Worship Series.  He is also the founding host and producer of the Gospel Music Radio Program OVATIONS, currently in its 26th year of broadcast. The show airs Sunday mornings from 6:00a – 9:00a EST on the WRTI 90.1 FM Temple Public Radio Network in Philadelphia, which broadcasts throughout eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, northern Delaware and internationally on I-Tunes Radio and @

Having also dedicated more than 30 years to the research of media science and the use of Sound as a mental, physical and spiritual healing agent, Warren released (in 2007) the first in a scheduled series of Therapeutic Worship Music CDs entitled Healing Through Worship In Praise.

Warren’s last year’s release was his first in 11 years!  It is under the moniker Warren B, and is a collaboration with his guitar compatriot Shawn Q Qaissaunee, and childhood friend Leon E. Alexander, Jr. called GUITARS & VOICES…Talking About Choices.  It is a poignent and  passionate artistic commentary on the Stinging Truths of our current Time – and a simultaneous presentation of the Seminal Solutions that are called for in light of Hope for the Better.

Warren is the Executive Producer for Music Media Ministry – a Philadelphia, PA based Media Broadcast Production Company that is pioneering new pathways into, Church Health, Ministry Growth and Peacemaking Production and Promotion.  As the founder of The Philadelphia Peace Initiative and a member of the Community of Living Traditions at Stony Point Center, Warren has fully committed himself to the alchemy of forging a Justice Focused Peace – personally, locally and globally. In this Ministry and beyond, Warren continues to blaze new trails in the Evolution of Traditional Christian and Interfaith Worship Liturgy, and into the Innovative Resourcing of 21st Century Visions for Interfaith Ministry Partnerships that actively engage in Peacemaking Witness.


“These are Times that call for us to be fully conscious concerning the threats that challenge our civilized co-existence on this planet, and to fully dedicate ourselves to realizing solutions for these challenges.  We are called to honor the Earth and to honor each human participant in the Earth’s eco-system.  All Art must speak of a Vision that Values Life, represents the requirement for Equitable Justice and manifests the priority of Sustainable Peace.  The access to this Transformative Vision is in our Worship…so…May we find our days filled with Praise…Amen.”           

  Warren (B) Cooper


    • Chris Lichtenberg
    • Posted February 28, 2015 at 6:01 pm
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    We totally appreciate, enjoy and support Warren’s Jazz Music Ministry!
    Keep on doin’ it!

  1. Warren Cooper is an amazing and wonderfully gifted musician. His art touches my heart and I feel blessed by the benevolence of his creativity.

  2. Dear Mr. Cooper Warren:
    Your ever so well planned radio show offers inspiration and hope each Sunday as I travel to bring the Gospel to two struggling parishes. Thank you
    Anne Wrede

  3. Good morning Mr. Warren Cooper: I immensely enjoyed assiduously listening to your provocative, eclectic, edifying ” Ovations” radio broadcast Sunday. I like how you methodically select different genres of gospel music and incorporate spiritual themes. God Bless you Brother Warren Cooper. Have a good week.

    • Phylicia Entrelle
    • Posted November 29, 2019 at 11:05 pm
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    He’s ahead of his time, a committed watchman arousing sleepers, and tuning them into the crucible for spiritual preparation.

    • Amen. Gratitude and Blessings.

        • Posted December 1, 2019 at 10:26 pm
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